Look for These 15 Signs of Cheating That Most People Miss

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Being in a relationship is possibly the most vulnerable situation that you could put yourself in. To be fully faithful and in love with your partner is a goal that every couple should strive for. Unfortunately, even if you are completely faithful there is always a chance that your partner could be tempted or misguided and cheating behind your back. Are you worried that your partner may be cheating on you? Do you want to know the signs of a cheating wife and the signs of a cheating husband?

In this article, we will examine the fifteen signs of cheating that most people miss. These subtle cues may not mean anything by themselves, but the more of these signs that your partner exhibits the more you may want to have that difficult conversation.

A lowered sex drive

It is normal for relationships to start with high amounts of sexual intimacy then taper off. However, has your partner recently rarely initiated sex? Does he always seem tired and not in the mood? Perhaps his excuses of being tired are true, or perhaps he is having his sexual appetite fulfilled somewhere else. If your partner does not seem to be in the mood, then we highly suggest that you initiate a conversation as to why. Even if your partner is not cheating, a healthy sex life is an important pillar for almost every relationship.

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Technology Issues

Has your partner been answering his phone less and less? If you guys usually share location with each other, does his/her location turn off at inopportune times? Individually, these signs do not indicate a cheating spouse, but you should always trust your gut when it comes to cheating and infidelity. You should pay special attention if there are sharp behavioral changes right when you suspect he is cheating. Does he always clear his browser history when he used to be very open with his internet usage? Has he/she stopped uploading his pictures to your shared cloud? This could all be because he/she is trying his hardest to conceal the fact that they are cheating.


Money Issues

A cheating spouse usually always leaves a paper trail. Have you noticed any suspicious payments on your shared bank account? Or have you noticed that your partner rarely has money for date nights? This sign of cheating is especially poignant if he used to lavishly spend, but now they are more restrictive with their spending. This could be because they are now balancing a budget for two or more partners.


Indifference is one of the hardest signs of cheating to define, but the easiest to feel. If your spouse has a sudden drop in expressiveness and affection, it could be a sign he’s cheating or she’s cheating. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to tell whether the drop in affection stems from cheating, depression, or external factors. However, does your spouse seem to be in a great mood whenever he leaves the home and lazy and apathetic when he spends time with you? At the very least, you need to have a conversation with your partner to understand why they are being indifferent to you. If they are not cheating, they may eventually if they are continually bored and unsatisfied in a relationship.

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Words of Affection

Some cheaters may have the audacity to cheat but may not have the confidence to lie to you. These cheaters may feel guilty whenever they tell you that they love or that they are faithful to you. If your partner is usually very verbose and expressive, be wary when the words of affection begin to stop. Has it been a long time since your spouse told you that they love you? Perhaps it is because they know that they no longer don’t, and they are taking matters into their own hands.

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Getting Caught in Lies 

To some, this sign of cheating may seem obvious. However, if your spouse is very charismatic they may be able to talk his way out of any situation. Did your partner initially tell you that they were at the office when you found out that he/she was actually at the bar? When you confronted them did they act as if YOU were the one who was overreacting? Does he/she sometimes deny telling a lie after they have been caught in it? If they are always misplacing their phone and getting dates mixed up, perhaps he/she really is your lovable goofball. If they conveniently seem to be telling you false information when they need to, it could be because he/she is doing it for a reason. Lying in a relationship is always a symptom of a larger problem, and the problem could be that he/she is being unfaithful.

Your Spouse is Dressing Nicer

This is one of the weaker signs of cheating on this list but could be something to pay attention to. If they have been making a conscious effort to fix their overall persona, then it could be something you don’t need to pay attention to. However, if they never dress up for you and leave at awkward hours of the night dressed to the nines, he/she may be cheating.

Your Spouse Has Wandering Eyes

Do you notice that your spouse is checking out others right in front of you? To some extent, you are unable to control exactly what you notice when you are in public. Still, if your partner seems increasingly interested in the opposite sex as they are in public, perhaps it is because they are.

Longer Hours at Work

Does your spouse claim that they are always forced to work late hours? Do they seem to not mind the increase in working hours? If you couple this sign of cheating with sign #3 (money issues) then there could be a real discrepancy. If they are constantly working overtime and still have money problems, it could be time to call the office and see if he/she is actually there.

Surprise Guests

Did you ever come home early to find your spouse with someone who you suspect they are cheating on you with? Was it a complete surprise? Did they seem flustered? Are they the most oblivious angel that does not have eyes for anyone other than you? If not, they were cheating on you. They may deny it profusely, but they were cheating on you. You are better off spending that time finding a new partner rather than listening to their excuses.

A Surprise STD

Have you gotten a surprise STD and have been faithful to your partner? Yes, it is possible to contract an STD without sexual intercourse, but the odds of that are very unlikely. If you contract an STD and your partner exhibits signs of cheating, it may be time to stop listening to his/her excuses.

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A New Hobby

Do you notice signs of cheating after your spouse has picked up a new hobby? Does the hobby entail meeting up with others and spending more and more time away from the house? Individually, this sign may be harmless. In fact, you should support and encourage your spouse to have hobbies and interests outside of the relationship. But if the hours spent away from home start getting ridiculous, and they show other signs of cheating perhaps it is a front for something or someone else.

Easier to Agitate

Does your partner seem easier to annoy? Does their mind seem to be elsewhere even if they are physically with you? Does he/she not want to address any of the problems in the relationship? It could be because he/she is already checked out of the relationship and is just looking forward to leaving the house. Even if they do not want to have any tough conversations, they are critical to understanding what is wrong. Even if they are not cheating, if they are constantly irritated with you it may be a sign that you two are not the best partners for each other.

Attempted Breakups

Have they brought up ‘breaks’ or ‘breakups’? Perhaps it is because they wanted to leave you for someone else. In some cases, it is best to fight through the problems in a relationship, but if you are pressuring them to stay in the relationship they may feel justified in cheating. As the old saying goes, if you love something, let it go. If it returns to you, it’s yours. If they do not, it never was.

Something Feels Wrong

 There is no one who knows your relationship better than you. Some cheaters can hide their signs of cheating so well that they exhibit none of the signs on this list. Even still, if you feel as though something is not adding up, don’t dismiss that gut feeling. We provide general signs of cheating, but everything should be taken on a case by case basis. If you think that your partner may be cheating, even if it seems far-fetched, it doesn’t hurt to mention it and get rid of that feeling.

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