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How to Find a Missing Person

Whether it's your friend, spouse, or close relative, when a person goes missing, your stress levels have probably escalated to epic proportions. Why aren't they answering their phone? Why aren't they home when they say they would be? You call their workplace and they're not there. You call every person you can think of who may know the whereabouts of your missing person but to no avail. It seems as though your loved one has disappeared off the planet. Panic courses throughout your veins and distress wash over you like a tsunami wave. Even though everything in your body is probably telling you to crawl into a hole and curl up into a ball, resist the urge. The actions you choose to do impact the likelihood of finding your missing person a great deal.

Alert the police and authorities

When trying to track down a missing person, time is of the utmost importance. Despite common belief, you do NOT need to wait 24 hours after discovering your missing person to contact the police. This blockbuster myth is very misleading and will delay the search investigation an entire day. If your loved one has some sort of physical or mental impairment, don't delay with reporting this person missing to the police! An Amber Alert or Silver Alert may need to be issued. An Amber Alert helps alert people nearby of an endangered missing or abducted child, usually followed by a car make, model, and license plate the child was last seen in. You may have seen an Amber Alert notification on your phone. A Silver Alert is another type of alert of a missing person that usually is a senior citizen with Alzheimer's disease, dementia, or other type of mental disability. You may see these types of alerts on highway interstate signs.

Call local hospitals, jails, and coroners

Any recent intake or activity in hospitals, jails, and/or coroners nearby may give you the information you need when tracking down your missing person. If your missing person ended up at the hospital without a cell phone, he or she would not be able to call you or remember your phone number. In jail, their belongings are taken away. Worst comes to worst, a coroner may have information that you are seeking, but hopefully, they come up with no names of your loved one.

Find their iPhone or other devices

If your missing person is lost but still has their iPhone, this is great news. If you have access to their computer such as a MacBook, you can use it to find their iPhone (and hopefully the missing person along with their phone). Even if their phone is dead, at the very least you can see where the phone was last powered on and go from there. There are also features where you can lock the iPhone remotely so the person cannot access it anymore and a feature where you can remotely turn on a sound so their phone beeps uncontrollably until you silence it

Monitor social media 

When notifying the authorities of the missing person, it is important to give as many details as possible. What your person was wearing last you saw them, when, where, who they were with, etc. If your missing person has a distinctive feature such as a unique tattoo, large birthmark, or dyed hair, include this information as well. Current pictures are also very helpful and can be posted in advertisements or windows in gas stations so others can keep their eyes open for the missing person as well. Although the police may not be able to pass flyers out of your missing person's picture and description, it is not illegal in most states for you to do so on your own volition.

Continue to make calls with missing person's family and friend group

While you are out and about investigating and printing out and distributing flyers, remember to stay in the loop of other people in your missing person's web of friends and family. You may not be the first person the missing person reaches out to. No use in going through extra heartache and physical strain if your missing person turns up, but you're not able to be tracked down.

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Whether it be business matters or personal endeavors, our team will tackle the case. We offer discrete and professional services. Confidentiality and security-minded protection are of the utmost importance to us. At an affordable price, we can work within your budget. Our team will also keep you in a constant loop with new information obtained so we can work together to achieve your goal. The heartache and worry experienced when design with a missing person can feel unprecedented. We will do everything possible to help you find him or her. Our Private Investigators know how important this investigation is for you and tries to think of each case as if it were as personal to them as it is to you. They'll work hard to get you results. Our business has a proven track record. We get results for our clients