Infidelity Investigations Service in San Diego

Are you ever paranoid that you have a cheating spouse? Most of us experience this feeling at one point or another. Who are they texting so late at night? Why are they suddenly at work so late all the time? When did they get that new haircut and start dressing better? How come they are going on a work trip for the weekend in Vegas?

You don't have to wonder any longer. With our infidelity investigation services, you can get all of your questions answered and find out if your spouse or partner is cheating on you through discreet and thorough investigations and surveillance. Using our service, you will be provided with the proof (or peace of mind) you desire. If your partner is unfaithful, we will provide you with court-ready documentation so you can get the most out of your divorce. We will catch that cheater or let you know your partner is faithful!

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Why Infidelity Investigations Are Useful

You're feeling angry, sad, confused, betrayed, and very tired. Should cheaters be forgiven or should you go through a divorce that is both emotionally and physically exhausting? If divorce seems like the option for you, an infidelity investigation service will provide you with the evidence you need to present your case in court as the judge evaluates and delegates marital assets, child custody, support, and more.

Types of Investigations for a Potential Cheating Spouse

There are many different types of infidelity investigations we provide. Through a custom investigation package, you can select from the services below to create your investigation. Note: All of these services are conducted by a private investigator, so rest assured they will never find out someone is on to them. These private investigators of our company are former FBI and Secret Service agents who know how to be stealthy and discreet.


If your partner says she/he is at work, we will know for sure through live GPS vehicle tracking. Is your spouse really where she/he says they are? Or are they lying? We will also put together a detailed time and frequency map so you know where your partner goes at what time and how often. If you see they are spending many nights at a particular location, we can create a video surveillance infidelity investigations around there. You may be tempted to perform the surveillance yourself, but you may be caught by your spouse by using your shared vehicle or through lack of knowledge on how to stay discreet. Being caught spying on your spouse and revealing your adultery suspicions may ruin the entire investigation and provide you with no evidence for your potential court case. The private investigators who work with us will remain cautious and careful -their license will also provide them with avoidance of being accused of stalking.

Video Surveillance

We also provide a video surveillance service for our clients. Our private investigators will spend hours tracking your partner in a discreet manner. We can video record your spouse entering a hotel with someone else.

Online Investigations

In this day and age, most people have their whole life on their laptops or computers. A thorough computer search could answer countless questions by investigating browsing history, address, and location information, Google searches, emails, calendar events, notes, social media communication, messaging, and other online documentation. This could provide the evidence you need to prove your case. We will create a detailed timeline that lists possible suspicious activity in chronological order that creates a court-ready easy to follow story.

Cell Phone Investigations

Does your partner suddenly get very antsy whenever you go on their phone? Does your spouse carry their phone from room to room, never leaving it alone with you? Did they change their password and not tell you the new one? If this is the case, it may be worth investigating their cell phone. We offer a full cell phone investigation including SMS and MMS (text messaging), incoming and outgoing pictures and videos, audio files and voicemails left on your partner's mailbox, calendar events, call log history, GPS location, email, social media communication, iCloud storage, and even browsing history on the internet that was accessed by cell phone. Similar to the online investigation featured above, we will create a detailed timeline that lists possible suspicious activity in chronological order that creates a court-ready easy to follow story.

Credit Records

Credit card record evidence is often invaluable becausethey are indisputable. If a video of your partner leaving a hotel with someone late at night leaves some room for interpretation, credit card records do not. An extensive review of your spouse's credit card bills can reveal acts of adultery by showing hotel charges, luxury purchases that you were not informed of, or a cell phone bill to a second cell phone you didn't know existed. Our investigators know the charges that are typical in these situations that are found on unfaithful spouse's credit card bill. You don't need to waste time decoding your whole bill and potentially getting caught by your partner in the act. We will do it for you and compile a detailed list with dates, descriptions, and number values in chronological order for your court case.

What Proof Will We Provide

In summary, we will provide the following evidence to present in court:

WhatTactics Will We Use

From the list of the types of investigations for a cheating spouse we outlined above, our clients can pick and choose which ones they would like us to conduct for their case. This custom investigation package system of picking the services above allows us to tailor the investigation to you and your spouse specifically. If your spouse doesn't spend a lot of time on their phone, it wouldn't be useful to spend time and your money on cell phone surveillance. However, if you are in a situation where you are approaching an impending divorce and would like custody of your children and also child support, every bit of proof will help your case. The more evidence, the better!

WhyChoose us?

We know you're under a lot of stress in these types of situations. The anxiety of finding out the truth, the anger you might feel toward your partner, the pressure you feel when thinking about living arrangements and child custody. Let us take care of the evidence so you can have more time focusing on what comes after - getting the most out of the divorce and move on to a happier life.

Compared to other infidelity investigation services, we can offer you unparalleled confidentiality and privacy - we specialize in catching cheater. No family or friends will know you requested our services if you don't want them to. We will also destroy and delete any evidence we possess upon the completion of your investigation.

Lastly, we also offer a referral system of highly capable attorneys that have dealt with infidelity cases before and know how to make sure you get as many marital assets out of the divorce as possible. If divorce is not an option or you would like to see if your marriage or partnership is salvageable, these qualified attorneys can give you advice on decisions that will benefit you most in the long run.

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